A robust, high-performance affiliate tool suite.

Our platform brings together integrated affiliate tools and high-converting merchants.

AvantLink’s creation was inspired by the need to get innovative tools in the hands of creative affiliates free of charge. The tool suite we provide affiliates is standardized across programs, flexible and continuously evolving.

Scroll down to learn about each of our affiliate tools and learn how you can use each one to increase your earnings. Not an affiliate yet. No problem, apply to our network today!

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Merchant Ads

  • Automatic updates for both text and image/banner ads using JavaScript or APIs.

  • Automatically encoded HTML and tracking URLs for your affiliate website.

AvantLink App Market

  • Utilize innovative affiliate marketing apps from independent developers.

  • Free access to powerful ad tools, plugins, scripts or widgets approved by AvantLink.

Affiliate Link Encoder

  • Automatically detect and change all of your participating direct-to-merchant links (including user posted) to affiliate links.

  • Automatically create affiliate links for selected keywords site wide or at a page level.

  • Eliminate the need to login to the network for encoded links.

  • Instantly monetize old content.

Paid Placement

  • Retain complete control over approval or denial of merchant bids.

  • Select default display ads from your merchants or any other ad network.

Custom Link Builder

  • Easily build custom affiliate tracking links.

  • Apply optional custom tracking codes.

  • Deep link your visitors to high converting areas of a merchant’s site.

AvantLink WordPress Plugin

  • Access all merchant ad campaigns and create custom links from within WordPress.

  • Provide a robust product database search across multiple merchants.

  • Automatic integration of the ALE tool.

Datafeed Manager

  • Standard dynamic datafeed format for all merchants.

  • 100% customizable subscriptions (column structure & data format).

  • Custom URLs to datafeeds with your affiliate links automatically encoded.

  • Accurate product pricing & inventory data updated daily.

AvantLink API

  • Advanced data input and retrieval functionality.

  • Platform independent and open to development with any programming language.

Product Ad Widget

  • Feature multiple stores in one display widget.

  • Publish dynamically updated product content.

  • Use subscription configurations to update existing displays instantly.

  • Automatically build and update displays using sale or other filters.

Product Content Widget

  • Provide information and/or images about single or multiple products.

  • Automated price comparisons between all of your merchants for a specific product.

  • Display all text ads flagged as deals/coupons.

  • Syndicate product reviews if available from your merchant.

  • Automatically provide similar product entries from other merchants.

  • Present additional products frequently purchased together.

Dynamic Deal Feed

  • Automatic syndication of the latest coupon, sales or promo ads from your merchants.

  • Promote merchant deal RSS feeds embedded with your affiliate links.

  • Your users can monitor merchant promotions via live bookmarks or RSS reader.

RSS Deal Feed Syndication

  • Provide users the option to subscribe to RSS deal and promotions automatically encoded with your affiliate links.

  • Syndicate merchant promotions through affiliate tracking links.

Deal of the Day

  • Publish dynamic deal of the day (DOTD) or one deal at a time (ODAT) content.

  • Promote DOTD or ODAT RSS feed subscriptions with your affiliate links automatically encoded.

  • Automate DOTD or ODAT mobile alerts using the AvantLink API.

Contextual Ad Tool

  • Automate DOTD or ODAT mobile alerts using the AvantLink API.

  • Automatically display content relevant merchant ads.